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Term 6 Overview

After a busy (and tiring) Term 5, Year 6 have made a wonderful start to their final term at Shinewater.

We continue to spend most mornings doing English and maths lessons, with a particular focus now on refining our writing skills and securing mathematical concepts like data handling, in preparation for secondary school.

All of our written and mathematical work this term links to our ‘Ancient Greece’ learning journey topic, which we launched with our ‘Greek Tea Party’ at the end of last term.

In history this term, we will be learning more about the culture of Ancient Greece including beliefs related to gods and goddesses, the Ancient Olympics and how it compares to our modern Games, some of the biggest battles involving the Ancient Greek people and ultimately, how the Romans came to rule in Ancient Greece.

We will be producing depictions of Greek pottery and mod-roc sculptures in art lessons and continuing to work on our short e-books in computing lessons.

Of course, we are also all looking forward to all the end of term experiences that come with finishing primary school.  Our trip to the Isle of Wight is from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July and our end of term production – Fleeced – which is based on the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, will be during Week 5 (Dates to be confirmed).

We also know that the children are growing increasingly excited (and a little nervous) about their upcoming transition to secondary school.  They will all be attending their new school early in July and many have other additional visits booked.  Whilst we will be very sorry to see them go, we know they are all ready to move on to new challenges in Year 7 and we wish them all the very best for September.

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Term 5 Overview

Term 5 is an important one for our year group as we approach the SATs tests in Week 5.  We plan to spend the first four weeks of the term focusing on SATs technique and revision:  spelling patterns, complex grammatical concepts, reading comprehension skills and the different mathematical operations and their application to everyday problems. 

Year 6 will continue to have Outdoor Learning and PE (on rotation) on a Monday afternoon.  Through Outdoor Learning, the children will study our Science topic (Living Things) and in PE, they will be practising striking and fielding and tennis skills.  The children will continue to work hard across the course of the term to demonstrate all the complex skills required of Year 6 writers too, supported by our Computing topic for the term - Young Authors - in which the children will produce their own eBook.

Maths and English homework will continue to be set on a Friday (from the CGP books) with the aim that these books are complete before SATs week.  Please do discuss these with your child – there are mark schemes in the back of each of the books so you could even take on the role of marker for the pages your child completes!

We continue to speak lots to the children too about the importance of ensuring they are in bed early to get a good night’s sleep, having breakfast before they come to school so they are ready to work and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. 

SATs this year are from 14th -17th May. There will be a meeting for you at 3.15pm on Thursday 3rd of May to find out more information about this very important week for your child.  We will provide a written copy of this information for any parents who are unable to attend.

The timetable for the week is as follows:

Monday 14th May Tuesday 15th May Wednesday 16th May Thursday 17th May
SPAG Reading Maths Paper 1
Maths Paper 2
Maths Paper 3

We are all, of course, looking forward to everything that awaits us once SATs are done!  In week 5 (SATs week), we will begin our new Learning Journey which will be all about Ancient Greece.   We will begin by writing non-chronological reports about the Ancient Greeks, studying the history of the historically important sites and beginning to learn about the Greek gods.  We will also start to read our new text – ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ – which we will base much of our future writing on.

More information about SATs week and school life for Year 6 post-SATs will be sent to you in letters later in the term.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

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Terms 3 & 4 Overview

After two terms of war-related learning, in Terms 3 and 4, Year 6 will move from a History focus to a Geography one!  Our new learning journey will be all about ‘displacement’ – looking at the human and physical reasons people choose – or are forced to – leave an area to move elsewhere.

In Term 3, we will focus on physical geography, particularly the effect of flooding.  We will be basing our work in English on a book called ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick – a fantasy text, which centres on the area of East Anglia.

We will be looking more at the region itself, studying the effects of flooding in the UK and how our Government responds to natural disasters and comparing the impact here to the impact of flooding in other parts of the world, such as Bangladesh.

In Term 4, we will move our focus to human geography – in particular, the geography of conflict.  We will probably be using a text called ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ by Elizabeth Laird, although we are hoping the children will help us plan the unit so this is still up for debate!  The book focuses on the life of a boy called Omar and his family, who are growing up in Syria but are forced to flee as war takes hold.  We plan to use this as a basis for looking at what it means to seek refuge and the impact of emigration and immigration on the distribution of natural resources such as food and water.

We will be doing lots of non-fiction writing over the two terms: newspaper reports, news bulletins, non-chronological reports and perhaps even some promotional campaigns, which should allow us to demonstrate appropriate use of formal and informal language and knowledge of when to shift between the two.  We will also be really ‘honing our skills’ in using a wider variety of punctuation such as colons, semi-colons and dashes and use of more complex writing techniques such as passive voice and the subjunctive.  Once again, we are going to involve the children in planning the unit of work and we hope they’ll let us know the types of writing they’d like to do more of!

Our RE work will link to our learning journey, as we look at the role of environment charities (during Term 3) and charities supporting refugees in times of crisis such as Christian Aid and Islamic Relief, during Term 4.  In Art, we will be looking initially at a variety of images based upon extreme weather events and ultimately creating our own using pastels, charcoals and coloured pencil.  During Term 4, we will be looking at artists who use their work to express political opinions and statements and creating our own newspaper collages, fine line and graffiti art.

In Maths, we will start by reviewing position and direction (coordinates, translation of shapes across all four quadrants etc.) and then move onto decimals, percentages and conversion between the two.  In Term 4, we will look in greater depth at algebra, measurement and ratio and of course, as we creep ever closer to SATs, lots of exam technique and revision.

In Science, we will have a Biology focus: how our heart works and how to keep it healthy, blood and its components and the workings of our digestive systems.

We are really looking forward to our new learning journey and the opportunities for work across all the different curriculum areas that it brings.  We will continue to have PE / Outdoor Learning on a rotation on a Monday afternoon and homework will continue to be set on a Friday for return the following Tuesday.

We appreciate all your support in ensuring your children complete their homework on time, get a good night’s sleep and bring a water bottle to school each day so they stay well-hydrated and focused on work.

We anticipate a successful (and busy) Terms 3 and 4 ahead!

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