Term 1 Overview

Welcome to Reception

It has been a pleasure meeting you all over the past few weeks. We are really impressed with the way that the children have settled. Next week we will start phonics which is the building blocks to help children to read and write.

This Term’s Theme

This term the children will be focussing on the topic of ‘All about me’.

We will be getting to know each other and learning about how we are the same and different.

We will also learn:

  • to recognise numerals up to 10.
  • to count up to 10 objects.
  • to recite numbers up to 20 in order.
  • to describe shapes in our environment.
  • to make patterns.
  • new songs.
  • new stories.
  • how to play listening games.

We will start Outdoor Learning (letter to follow) and PE once the children have got used to the rules and routines of the classroom.


We are in the process of setting up your child’s Learning Journey online. If you have not given us your e-mail address yet could you please do so. You will then be able to see what your child has been doing at school and add your own photos from home.

Things to do at home

  • Talk to your child about who is in their family and how they are the same or different to them (eg height, hair colour or age).
  • Encourage your child to look for numbers and shapes in the environment. This could be on their way to school, for example, you could look at the numbers on house doors and car number plates.
  • Help your child with letter sounds. (They will bring a colouring book and book mark home each week with the sounds we have learnt.)
  • Read with your child at least 3 times a week and complete the home-school reading book (once sent home).


  • Please don’t forget to bring a water bottle and book bag to school every day.
  • A PE kit needs to be kept in school.
  • Please don’t forget to name EVERYTHING!
  • Tuesday is Outdoor Learning day for Hedgehogs and Friday is the day for Squirrels. (Letter to follow)

Thank you for your continued support.