Term 2 Overview

Topics This Term

Northern Lights
(Geography, Art & English)

We are continuing our work in English, based on the book ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman.  The book is a fantasy story about a young girl (Lyra) and her daemon Pan, who set off on adventures to the North to explore the Northern Lights and investigate the mysterious disappearances of children.


In History, we will be looking at the history of space travel over the last 100 years. Involved in this will be work around the landing on the moon and research into some of the space disasters that have occurred during this time.


This term our Maths learning focuses on Statistics and multiplication & division strategies. We will be looking at a range of new concepts and applying our mathematical knowledge to solving problems.


We will be looking at properties and changing materials in science. This will be a hands-on based topic with lots of investigations and practical work.

Outdoor Learning & PE

Outdoor learning and PE has switched over, so 5LS will be doing Outdoor Learning first and 5BM will be doing PE first.


We are starting a DT topic this term in which the children will be creating their own pop-up books, based on space. This will involve exploration of a range of pop-up features and then producing these themselves. We look forward to inviting you all in to come and read the final creations.

Reading at Home

Thank you to those of you who are hearing your child read regularly at home. Asking them questions about what they have just read is incredibly helpful and can help them to understand texts better. Reading cards are collected in every day and merits awarded for every time the children have read.

We are trying to give reading a big push this year at Shinewater, with a variety of rewards and incentives for children to read at home. This includes; stickers, that contribute to whole class score charts, in a whole school competition. This means if your child records 3 reading sessions at home, they will receive a sticker. They can only get one sticker per week, but when they reach 10 stickers, they will earn themselves a free book of their choice and a bronze reader badge. The children are really engaged in this new scheme, so please do your best to encourage independent reading at home. Any photographs of your children reading to other people, pets or teddies are still being encouraged, for a whole school display.


Each week or fortnight, children will bring home a short list of spellings to learn.  They will also have mental maths passport targets, which they need to spend 10 minutes twice per week learning.

Children will also bring home a homework overview for the term with a selection of topic-related homework to choose from.  Over the course of the term, we would like them to complete three of the options. There will also be an opportunity for drop-in sessions after school, for children and their parent(s) to come in and use our school resources to complete the tasks, should you be interested. Dates and details of this, can be found on the homework hand out.

Water Bottles

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day. These can stay in the classroom and be filled up in school.


Studies show that children need 9 hours sleep   every night. Thank you to those of you who make sure that your child is sleeping for long enough. It really makes a difference to their ability to concentrate in lessons.


Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. This includes a blue jumper or cardigan and plain black shoes or black trainers with no logos or other colours on them. Boots are not part of our school uniform.

Jewellery and Nail Varnish

Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery other than stud earrings, and that they remove all nail varnish before coming to school. They will be asked to remove or cover earrings for PE lessons.


This year, we will be assessing your children’s maths skills and understanding in class via teacher assessment and bi-termly assessment papers. These are not anything formal, but merely help the teachers to get a bigger picture of the children’s progress and simultaneously help prepare the children for testing conditions ready for SATs tests in year 6. Your child’s writing will be continually assessed throughout the year. Please ensure that your child is in school every day so that they maximise their potential to learn!

Year 5 Trip

The planetarium are coming in to visit us for class sessions and our sessions are on the 15th November.

The children have made a wonderful start to Year 5 and we are looking forward to a positive, successful year ahead.