Term 3 Overview

The teachers in Year 4 are Mr Cotton (4FC) and Miss Duffin (4SD).

We are supported in Year 4 by Miss Wright and Mrs McPherson.

Topics this term

Home & Away
(Geography/History, English, Art)

Our work in English is based on the book ‘Toro Toro’ by Michael Morpurgo.  The book describes the experiences of a young boy who is caught up in the events of the Spanish Civil War.

In Geography, we will be learning how to use scaled maps and keys.

In art, we will be exploring the work of Pablo Picasso.

Number, Calculation, Measures & Problem Solving

This term our Maths learning focusses on Number, Place Value & Calculation. We will be looking at a range of new concepts and applying our mathematical knowledge to solving problems.

States of matter

We investigate how materials change and how some changes cannot be reversed.

In Year 4, PE and Outdoor Learning will continue to take place every Monday morning. PE will be taught by Mr Anderson and Outdoor Learning will be taught by Mrs Dyke. In addition to this, the children will haave an additional PE session on Thursdays.

Reading at home

Thank you to those of you who are hearing your child read regularly at home.  Asking them questions about what they have just read is incredibly helpful and can help them to understand texts better. Reading records are collected in every Thursday and merits awarded for every time the children have read. Additionally, for every week they read at least 3 times at home, they are given a sticker towards a new book of their choosing!


Homework will be set each week. The children will bring homework books home on a Friday and the work should be completed and returned to school on Tuesday. The children will generally be given one or two pieces of work to complete each week; they should spend thirty minutes on each piece of work.

Spelling lists will be sent home regularly and tests given weekly.  Please encourage your children to spend time learning these.

Water Bottles

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day. These can stay in the classroom and be filled up in school.


Studies show that children need 9 hours sleep   every night. Thank you to those of you who make sure that your child is sleeping for long enough. It really makes a difference to their ability to concentrate in lessons.


Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. This includes a blue jumper or cardigan and plain black shoes or black trainers with no logos or other colours on them. Boots are not part of our school uniform.

Jewellery and Nail Varnish

Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery other than stud earrings and that they remove all nail varnish before coming to school. They will be asked to remove or cover earrings for PE lessons.

The children have made a wonderful start to Year 4 and we are looking forward to a positive, successful year ahead.