Term 3 Overview

This term we will be learning about bears – their names, what they look like, their habitats and what they eat.  This will include bears in the wild and toy bears.

The children will be inviting a bear from home for the term. They will be taking part in a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Their bear will then have their portrait painted and measured.

In the last week of term the children will be finding out about Chinese New Year and the country China. We will be joining the Nursery to celebrate together.

The main text will be We’re Going on a Bear Hunt but we will also be reading many other bear stories. For example: This is the bear, Where’s my teddy and Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

Tips for parents

  • Visit the library to find books about bears (fiction and non-fiction) – act out stories, help children to write their own version.
  • Count out objects (up to 20) to give to your bear.
  • Give a name to your bear at home and then have a try at writing it down.
  • Make a sandwich for your bear and cut it into your favourite shape.