Terms 3 & 4 Overview

After two terms of Viking-related learning, in Terms 3 & 4, Year 5 will move on from a History focused topic to a Geography one!

Topics this term

Fire and Ice

(Geography/History, English, Art) Our work in English is based on the book ‘Northern Lights’ by Phillip Pullman The book follows Lyra Belacqua, an orphan who lives in a place like, and yet unlike, Oxford in a parallel universe in which science, theology and magic are entwined.


In art, we will be exploring the northern Lights with wax crayon and paint.


We will begin this term by recapping multiplication and division and then move on later in term 3 & 4 to look at fractions.


We will exploring Properties and changes of materials. We will be looking at different properties that every day materials have and will be exploring how substances dissolve and how they mix together.


In RE we will be looking at famous religious figures such as Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Florence Nightingale.

In Year 5, PE and Outdoor Learning will continue to take place every Tuesday Afternoon. PE will be taught by Mr Anderson and Outdoor Learning will be taught by Mrs Dyke.

Reading at home

Thank you to those of you who are hearing your child read regularly at home. Asking them questions about what they have just read is incredibly helpful and can help them to understand texts better. Reading records are collected in every Thursday and merits awarded for every time the children have read. Additionally, for every week they read at least 3 times at home, they are given a sticker towards a new book of their choosing!


Homework will be set each week. The children will bring homework books home on a Friday and the work should be completed and returned to school on Wednesday. The children will generally be given one or two pieces of work to complete each week; they should spend thirty minutes on each piece of work.

Spelling lists will be sent home regularly and tests given weekly. Please encourage your children to spend time learning these.

The children have made a wonderful start to Year 5 and we are looking forward to a positive, successful year ahead.