Term 6 Overview

This Term in Year 4 our topic continues to be the rainforest.  We had a brilliant visit to the world-renowned gardens at Kew.  The children had the rare opportunity tp see plants from the tropical zone of the world and experience a tropical climate; the hot house isn’t called the hot house for nothing!

We will link our Reading and Writing to our Geography topic this term and explore rainforests around the world.  In DT we will make 3D models of a rainforest capturing the different layers.

In English, we will continue to develop and extend our speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. We will focus on learning the spelling, grammar and punctuation required at this level, which the children will showcase in their writing. We love a good fronted adverbial.  We will write information texts about rainforests and an adventure story involving the rainforest and the people and animals that live there.

In Science, we will investigate living things and ther habitats. We will learn how to classify based on specific criteria, for example, if they are vertebrates or invertebrates.

In maths, we will be looking at statistics, time and geometry. Telling the time is an essential life skill and will be asking the children to show their understanding of time on a regular basis!  In geometry, we are looking at properties of shape and solving problems. In statistics, we are looking at how information can be represented and interpreted in a chart and a graph.

The children continue to enjoy their outdoor learning time and PE.

This term, we are hoping to plan a visit to a church as part of our religious education.