Term 6 Overview

Pirates and mermaids

This term the children will be focussing on the topic of Pirates & Mermaids and holidays.

We will be encouraging children to use their imagination and thinking about the world and where they might live. We will look at holiday destinations both home and abroad.

Our Fabulous Finish will be a pirate and mermaid dressing up day with the Nursery children.

The children will continue to bring homework home on a Friday relating to what they have learnt that week. It needs to be completed and returned by the following Monday. We would be grateful if you could make any comments at the bottom of each sheet.


  • We will be focussing on one of these texts per week:
  • The pirates next door
  • The night pirates
  • Imagine you’re a pirate
  • Imagine you’re a mermaid
  • Dear mermaid
  • Reading non-fiction books
  • Retelling and sequencing familiar stories
  • Writing our own stories
  • Talking about characters and settings
  • Making lists
  • Writing instructions
  • Making mini books
  • Writing descriptions


We will be using all areas of maths but particularly:

  • Money
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Recognising and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond
  • Finding one more and one less.
  • Ordering size
  • Measuring
  • Time
  • Simple addition and subtraction
  • Doubling and halving

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning continues on a weekly basis this term. Please send your child in old clothes that are suitable for the weather and wellington boots. Your child will also need a coat with a hood if it is raining and suntan lotion applied if the weather is warm.


Thank you to all parents that are responding to their child’s learning journey photos and to those that have uploaded their own. We love seeing them.


The children are having opportunities to meet with the Year 1 staff and explore the environment. For the final week of term we will be looking at the book The hundred decker bus which will link in to Year 1’s term 1 topic transport.