Term 6 Overview

After a busy (and tiring) Term 5, Year 6 have made a wonderful start to their final term at Shinewater.

We continue to spend most mornings doing English and maths lessons, with a particular focus now on refining our writing skills and securing mathematical concepts like data handling, in preparation for secondary school.

All of our written and mathematical work this term links to our ‘Ancient Greece’ learning journey topic, which we launched with our ‘Greek Tea Party’ at the end of last term.

In history this term, we will be learning more about the culture of Ancient Greece including beliefs related to gods and goddesses, the Ancient Olympics and how it compares to our modern Games, some of the biggest battles involving the Ancient Greek people and ultimately, how the Romans came to rule in Ancient Greece.

We will be producing depictions of Greek pottery and mod-roc sculptures in art lessons and continuing to work on our short e-books in computing lessons.

Of course, we are also all looking forward to all the end of term experiences that come with finishing primary school.  Our trip to the Isle of Wight is from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July and our end of term production – Fleeced – which is based on the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, will be during Week 5 (Dates to be confirmed).

We also know that the children are growing increasingly excited (and a little nervous) about their upcoming transition to secondary school.  They will all be attending their new school early in July and many have other additional visits booked.  Whilst we will be very sorry to see them go, we know they are all ready to move on to new challenges in Year 7 and we wish them all the very best for September.