Autumn Leaves

We are very proud to have been part of a project called, ‘Making Natural History’. This project celebrated the anniversary of the first United Nations Children's Conference, on the Environment (‘Leave It To Us’), which was held in Eastbourne 25 years ago.

‘Making Natural History’ aims to establish conditions where Eastbourne’s youth can grow up with an understanding and love of the natural environment, drawing on it for their mental and physical well being.

At Shinewater, children in Year 6 have contributed to the project by painting blossom trees (inspired by Hockney’s own artwork) and watercolours of autumn leaves. Year 6 is a time of change as children mature and look towards moving to secondary school and it has been especially challenging during this time of Lockdown and Covid-19. We have taken great joy in exploring changes in the natural world and seasons through some of our artwork.