Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Spelling, grammar and punctuation constitute an extremely important area of the curriculum, the provision of which, combined with writing and reading, equips your child with skills they will need both in primary school and beyond!

Our approach for teaching spelling is through a comprehensive spelling scheme which is followed in years 2 to 6. The children learn and practise spelling patterns in school and are given words to take home and practise at the weekend. The following week, the children are tested on these words. Since the same scheme is used across the year groups, the children are able to develop their spelling skills year on year. The children very much enjoy practising their spellings because we do it creatively using colour, pictures and patterns.

Grammar and punctuation is taught alongside and through reading and writing. We believe that grammar is best understood and learnt through real life examples. Thus, we explore grammar through reading, and practise using it in our speech and writing. In addition to this, however, the children are required to know key grammatical terms and demonstrate this in Year 6 when they sit their SATs.

Below you will find a number of websites which will allow your child to practise his/her skills in a fun and instructive way. There is also a guide for parents which makes the clear the curriculum expectations for each year group.