Winter Uniform: This can be worn throughout the year

  • Grey or black knee length skirt or grey or black traditional trousers.
  • White blouse/Shirt or polo shirt.
  • School Sweatshirt (which can be bought from the school).
  • Black school shoes only. NO sandals, no brown shoes, just black.
  • Black, grey or white socks/tights.

Optional Summer Uniform

  • Blue and white checked dress with short sleeves or traditional grey/black tailored shorts.
  • Socks, colours as above, must be worn.

P.E. Kit

Plain white or blue t-shirt and black or blue shorts. Black Plimsolls, Black/Blue joggers may be worn for outside P.E. during the winter.

If, in an emergency, your child has to come to school not wearing full school uniform, please give him/her a note, which explains the reason. This can then be shown to any adult who questions him/her during the day.


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