Pupil Premium

Trust Statement

Due to the closure of schools on 23rd March 2020 because of Covid-19, implementation of the Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-20 was suspended. Shinewater Primary School directed its resources towards supporting eligible pupils to maintain their continuity of learning.

As there were no end of year outcomes, the school is taking steps to ensure that meaningful data is generated during Term 1 to identify disadvantaged pupils who need additional support, so that reliable progress targets can be set. For this reason the school will publish its Pupil Premium Strategy for 2020-21 by the end of Term 2.

The Pupil Premium is extra money paid to the school to help us give additional support to some children who may need it. The support can vary from teaching help to supporting a school trip.

The money is based on the number of children who are registered for Free School Meals, or have been registered at any time in the last 6 years.

The money is spent carefully and not used in the general budget. We make sure it is spent on supporting children who are vulnerable to under achievement.