Swale Vision – Principles Pivotal to Success

For our Trust to develop positively there are 6 key principles that we strive to adhere to and form the basis for our development.

1. We ensure that pupil well-being and good pupil progress are at the heart of what we do in all of our work.

We do this by creating safe, happy learning environments which celebrate
and promote the production of beautiful work.

2. We ensure that all working practices are positive, fair and built around a spirit of trust and co-operation.

We do this by engaging positively with all of our employees to create a happy and successful working environment. The Trust strives to be an organisation which listens and learns.

3. We ensure that we recruit, retain and develop high quality staff and develop people through excellent CPD.

We do this by recognising that a highly skilled, focused, competent and loyal workforce will enable pupils to make great progress.

4. We ensure that all Trust provision is judged at least Good by Ofsted within two years of taking it on.

We do this by focusing relentlessly upon developing good pupil behaviour, good attainment standards, imaginative and creative teaching and emotionally intelligent and resilient leadership.

5. We ensure that all Trust provision is cost effective and that expenditure never exceeds income.

We do this by living within our means and using our size to create economies of scale within a culture of careful resource stewardship.

6. We ensure that Trust expansion occurs only if it is prudent, cost effective and likely to enhance capacity.

We do this through engaging in a thorough process of due diligence to ascertain whether each prospective school is viable in the short, medium and long term.