Term 3 Overview

Topics This Term

Raiders, Traders and Invaders
(History, Art & English)

Our work in English is based on the book ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo.  The book is set in the fifth-century and is about a hero called Beowulf, who uses his strength and courage to defeat several monstrous characters. These include Grendel, the foul fiend, a hideous sea-hag and a monstrous fire-dragon. It is the oldest surviving epic in British literature.


In History, we will be looking at the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods. The children will combine the use of research and discovery to explore the lives of the people and make artefacts used at these times.


This term our Maths learning focuses on multiplication & division strategies, Area and Perimeter and Fractions. We will be looking at a range of new concepts and applying our mathematical knowledge to solving problems.


We will be looking at forces this term, where we will be investigating via hands on activities, the different forces in action in the world around us.

Outdoor Learning & PE

Outdoor learning and PE has switched over again, so 5BM will be doing Outdoor Learning first and 5LS will be doing PE first.

Reading at Home

Congratulations to 5LS for winning the Key Stage 2 reading challenge in Term 2. They achieved a whopping 64 stickers! 5BM came 4th with 41, so come on 5BM, let’s work harder to catch them up this term!


Spellings are going to be a big push this term, with lists of the Statutory Spellings for years 1-6, being sent home. Please work with your child to practice these spellings as much as possible, so they are working as close to year 5 as possible.

Maths Passports have finally arrived and will be rolled out this term. We will be sending home the objectives, which shows the skills all children should be able to do by the end of each year group. Extra practice wherever and whenever you can, would be excellent, just to boost those mental maths skills.

Finally, this term’s homework sheet is coming home Friday 11th January. Again, there is a selection of topic-related homework to choose from.  Over the course of the term, we would like them to complete three of the options. There will also be an opportunity for drop-in sessions after school, for children and their parent(s) to come in and use our school resources to complete the tasks, should you be interested. Dates and details of this can be found on the homework hand out.

Year 5 Trip

This term, we are hoping to get a live history group into school for an Anglos-Saxon themed day. This will be a dress up day, so get thinking caps on for what to come as. Please do not go and spend a fortune on a costume. Something simple like these would suffice.

The children have made a wonderful start back after Christmas and we are looking forward to the fun we have ahead.