Terms 3 & 4 Overview

After two terms of war-related learning, in Terms 3 and 4, Year 6 will move from a History focus to a Geography one!  We spent some time at the end of term 2 looking at resources for the new term and 6HJ decided on the title of ‘Unsettled Earth’ for their Term 3 learning journey, whilst 6KJ went for ‘Unstable Earth’.  Our work this term looks at the reasons – human and physical – that people may choose (or be forced to) leave an area to move elsewhere.

In Term 3, we will focus on physical geography, particularly the effect of flooding.  We will be basing our work in English on a book called ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick – a fantasy text, which centres on the area of East Anglia.  In English, we will start by writing information texts about the region before moving on to explore the motivations of characters in the book to write a balanced argument piece and then a biography for the main character.

We will also be looking more at the region of East Anglia itself, studying the effects of flooding in the UK more broadly and how our Government responds to natural disasters.  We will compare the impact here to the impact of flooding in other parts of the world, such as Bangladesh.

In Term 4, we will move our focus to human geography – in particular, the geography of conflict.  We will be using a text called ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ by Elizabeth Laird, which focuses on the life of a boy called Omar and his family, who are growing up in Syria but are forced to flee as war takes hold.  We use this as a basis for looking at what it means to seek refuge and the impact of emigration and immigration on the distribution of natural resources such as food and water.  We do however hope that the children will help us plan this unit of work, so if there is something else they’re keen to look at (particularly as events are ever-unfolding worldwide), we will aim to investigate this too.

In RE, we are studying Islam for the second time this year, building on our previous work about what it means to be a Muslim.  During Term 3, we will look at what it means to be a ‘good Muslim’ in the UK and then in Term 4, we move onto look in more detail at how belief in life after death (Akhirah) influences the life a Muslim person leads on Earth.

In Art, we will be looking initially at landscapes and the work of Constable, including drawing techniques and use of pastels.  During Term 4, we will be looking at artists who use their work to express political opinions and statements and creating our own newspaper collages, fine line and graffiti art.

In Maths, we will start by looking further at our work on fractions, to include decimals, percentages and conversion between the two.  In Term 4, we will look in greater depth at algebra, measurement and ratio and of course, as we creep ever closer to SATs, lots of exam technique and revision.

In Science, we will have a Biology focus: how our heart works and how to keep it healthy, blood and its components and the workings of our digestive systems.

We are really looking forward to our new learning journey and the opportunities for work across all the different curriculum areas that it brings.  We will continue to have PE / Outdoor Learning on a rotation on a Monday afternoon.

We appreciate all your support in ensuring your children complete their homework (including in continuing to work through their SATs revision guides), get a good night’s sleep and bring a water bottle to school each day so they stay well-hydrated and focused on work.

We anticipate a successful (and busy) Terms 3 and 4 ahead!