Who’s Who

I’m Mrs Kaufman and I’m proud to be the Co-Headteacher of Shinewater School.

My name is Mrs Burbidge and I’m the other Co-Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead.

My name is Miss Wilson and I am the Inclusion and SEMH Manager for the school. I enjoy working with children and parents throughout the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6.


My name's Miss Broder and I am the Nursery teacher at Little Sunshine Nursery! I love having fun, learning through play and going on lots of adventures with the youngest children at Shinewater!

I’m Mrs Underhay and I am the nursery TA. I enjoy working with the 2,3 and 4 year olds.

My name's Mrs McPherson and I am an assistant in the nursery.

My name is Mrs Wilkinson and I am the Hedgehog teacher in Reception. I also lead the EYFS.

My name is Mrs Wilkins. I teach Squirrels class in Reception and I’m the art co-ordinator.

My name is Miss Harrison and I am a TA in Reception.

I’m Mrs Sullivan and I’m a TA in Reception 3 days a week.

I’m Mrs Prodger and I work with the children in Reception as an INA with a child who has additional needs. I am looking forward to joining the children on their first Shinewater adventure!

My name is Mrs Sands and I am a year 1 teacher. I help to lead Science across the school and run our garden club.

I'm Mrs Branagan and I teach Year 1 on Mondays and Tuesdays. I enjoy teaching Maths and having fun with numbers.

My name is Mrs Marchant and I teach Year 1 for three days a week on a Wednesday - Friday.

I’m Mrs Maguire and I’m a TA in year 1.

My name is Mrs Clarke and I am an Individual Needs Assistant in year 1.

My name is Mrs Cockett and work with the children in year 1 and as an INA with a child who has additional needs.

My name is Mrs Beeley and I am an Individual Needs Assistant in year 1.

My name is Mrs Hunt and I am teaching year 2 this year. I am Key Stage One Phase Leader and I love Phonics!

My name is Mrs Mans and I’m one of the year two teachers. I’m also the Maths lead.

I’m Ms MacEnhill and I’m a teaching assistant in year 2.

My name is Mrs Walker and I’m a Year 2 Teaching assistant.

I’m Miss McNeill and I’m a school Direct Student. I will be working with and supporting teaching in year 2 this year.

My name is Miss Duffin and I’m a year 3 teacher. I lead PSHE across the school.

I’m Mr Anderson, I will be teaching year 3 on a Monday and Tuesday and teaching PE across the school on a Wednesday - Friday I have been teaching, coaching and instructing for over 15 years. I am very passionate about all sports and love to teach children of all ages.

I’m Mrs Wake, and I’m in my fourth year of teaching Year 3 here at Shinewater. I’m also part of the maths leadership team. I teach 3 days a week Wednesday – Friday.

My name is Mrs Mason and I’m a teaching assistant in year 3.

I’m Miss Scott and I’m a TA in year 3 on a Monday and Tuesday.

I'm Miss Davenport and I am a Year 4 teacher. I also look after lower Key Stage Two. I specialise in Religious Education and work with all the teachers to plan engaging and exciting learning opportunities in RE.

My name is Miss Eustace and I am a new teacher in year 4.

My name is Miss Wright and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 4. I also run Breakfast Club and After School club.

My name is Mrs Martin and I’m a TA in year 4 and I’m also a Thrive Practitioner.

My name is Miss May and I am a Year 5 teacher. I am part of the maths team and run a girls' football club after school.

I’m Mr Cotton and I teach year 5. I’m also part of the English Team. I have a particular responsibility for Grammar.

My name is Mrs Graham and I’m the teaching assistant in year 5.

I'm Miss Jarman and I teach Year 6.  I am part of the English team at Shinewater along with Mr Cotton, Mrs Harris and Mrs Hunt and I have particular responsibility for reading and writing.  I am also Upper Key Stage 2  Phase Leader.

I’m Mrs Smith and I teach year 6. I also lead music in our school and run the choir.

My name is Mrs Chatterton and I’m a year 6 teaching assistant.

I’m Mrs Etherton and I’m a teaching assistant in year 6.

My name is Mrs Rigby. I have worked at Shinewater for a year now and I really enjoy working here. I am teacher in the Learning Lodge.

I’m Mrs Meehan and I work in the Learning Lodge and I am a Thrive practitioner.

I am Mrs Williams the Deputy SENDco/HLTA supporting Inclusion manager.

I am Mrs Boddy and I’m the Computing Specialist teacher in our brand new computer suite. I teach children from Year 2 to Year 6.

I am Mrs Harris. I am the Intervention Teacher. I work with groups of children across the school to support their learning. This year I will be spending a lot of time working with Year 6.

I am Mrs Dyke. I am the Outdoor Learning Teacher. We are very lucky at Shinewater to have our own enclosed woods where we can toast marshmallows on an open fire!

I am Suzy and I’m the school counsellor 2 days a week.

My names is Mrs Andrew and I work in the office. I deal with some finance and personnel which keeps me very busy.

I am Mrs Knight and I work in the office answering the telephone and sorting out all the paperwork.

I am Mrs Wright. I am the school caretaker. I am on the school gate every morning and afternoon.

I am Mrs Haffenden I work at Breakfast Club and After School Club and I am one of the MDSA’s.