Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team

I am Mrs. Prentice and I am the Executive Head teacher of the Swale Academy Trust Primary Schools in Eastbourne.  Our family of schools include Shinewater Primary School, Langney Primary Academy, Parkland Infant School and Parkland Junior School.  I work closely with the Co-Head teachers at Shinewater supporting the strategic development of the school and teaching and learning initiatives

I’m Mrs Kaufman and I’m proud to be the Co-Headteacher of Shinewater School.

My name is Mrs Burbidge and I’m the other Co-Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead.

My name is Miss Wilson and I am the Inclusion and SEMH Manager for the school. I enjoy working with children and parents throughout the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6.

My name is Mrs Rigby. I am the Assistant Head teacher at Shinewater and a Year 1 teacher.


My name's Miss Broder and I am the Nursery teacher at Little Sunshine Nursery! I love having fun, learning through play and going on lots of adventures with the youngest children at Shinewater!

I’m Mrs Underhay and I am the nursery TA. I enjoy working with the 2,3 and 4 year olds.


My name is Mrs Wilkinson and I am the Hedgehog teacher in Reception. I also lead the EYFS.

My name is Mrs Wilkins. I teach Squirrels class in Reception and I’m the art and DT co-ordinator.

My name is Miss Harrison and I am a TA in Reception.

I’m Mrs Sullivan and I’m a TA in Reception 3 days a week.

I’m Miss Scott and I am a teaching assistant in Reception on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m Miss Pink and I am a reception teaching assistant in the morning and then support a child in year 2 in the afternoon.

Year 1

My name is Mrs Rigby. I am the Assistant Head teacher at Shinewater and a Year 1 teacher.

My name is Mrs Sands and I am a year 1 teacher. I help to lead Science across the school and run our garden club.

My name is Mrs Marchant and I teach Year 1 for three days a week on a Wednesday - Friday.

I’m Mrs Maguire and I’m a TA in year 1.

Year 2

My name is Mrs Mans and I’m one of the year two teachers. I’m also the Maths lead.

I’m Miss McNeill and I’m a year two teacher.

I’m Mrs Prodger and I'm an INA & excited about working in Year 2.

My name is Mrs Cockett and work with the children in year 2 and as an INA with a child who has additional needs.

My name is Mrs Beeley and I am an Individual Needs Assistant in year 2.

Year 3

My name is Miss Duffin and I’m a year 3 teacher. I lead PSHE across the school.

My name is Mrs Graham and I am teaching in year 3.

My name is Mrs Mason and I’m a teaching assistant in year 3.

My name is Mrs Martin and I’m a TA in year 3 and I’m also a Thrive Practitioner.

Year 4

I'm Mrs Wake, and I'm teaching in year 4. I'm also part of the maths leadership team.

My name is Miss Eustace and I am a teacher in year 4.

I’m Ms MacEnhill and I’m a teaching assistant in year 4.

Year 5

I'm Mr Cotton and I'm a year 5 teacher.  I have a particular responsibility for History and Geography and I'm Phase Leader for Upper Key Stage 2.

My name is Miss May and I am a Year 5 teacher. I am part of the maths team and run a mixed football club after school.

My names Mrs McPherson and I am the year 5 Teaching assistant.

Year 6

I'm Miss Jarman and I teach Year 6.  I am part of the English team at Shinewater along with Mrs Harris and Mrs Hunt and I have particular responsibility for reading and writing.

I’m Mrs Smith and I teach year 6. I also lead music in our school and run the choir.

My name is Mrs Chatterton and I’m a year 6 teaching assistant.

I’m Mrs Etherton and I’m a teaching assistant in year 6 and run the art club.

My name is Mrs Howard and I am an Individual Needs Assistant in Year 6.

My name is Miss Wright and I support in Year 6. I also run Breakfast Club and After School club.

Specialist Teachers

I am Mrs Boddy and I’m the Computing Specialist teacher. I teach children from Reception to Year 6. I am also lower key stage 2 Phase Leader.

I am Mrs Harris. I am a specialist English teacher and I am part of the English team at Shinewater along with Miss Jarman and Mrs Hunt. I work with children across the School to support their learning; I especially enjoy helping children with their phonics work and with their reading.

I am Mrs Dyke. I am the Outdoor Learning Teacher. We are very lucky at Shinewater to have our own enclosed woods where we can toast marshmallows on an open fire!

I’m Mr Anderson, I teach PE and French across the school. I am very passionate about all sports and love to teach children of all ages. I am fluent at speaking French as I lived in Belgium.

I’m Miss Spiller and I work 3 days a week supporting children with maths across the school.

Office Staff

My names is Mrs Andrew and I work in the office. I deal with some finance and personnel which keeps me very busy.

I am Mrs Knight and I work in the office answering the telephone and sorting out all the paperwork.

Hello my name is Mr Hubbard. I look after attendance at the school. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns around your child’s attendance.

Other Key Members of Staff

I am Mrs Williams the Deputy SENDco/HLTA supporting Inclusion manager.

I am Mrs Wright. I am the school caretaker. I am on the school gate every morning and afternoon.

I am Suzy and I’m the school counsellor across the Swale academies.

I am Mrs Haffenden I work at Breakfast Club and After School Club and I am one of the MDSA’s.

I am Mrs Astridge and I am a MDSA.

My name is Mrs Hunt and I am currently on maternity leave.

I'm Miss Davenport and I am currently on maternity leave.